3. Students Behavior Expectations/Consequences


YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO BE IN BAND.  Because band is an elective and the students’ choice, appropriate behavior is expected. Our hope is to concentrate on making beautiful music and have an outstanding band.  We will follow the Behavior Expectations to create a positive learning environment for everyone. 

Ø  Students are responsible for being in their chair when the tardy bell rings prepared and ready to go with their instrument, band books and any other supplies that are required.

Ø  Do not talk during class/rehearsals when a director is instructing the band

Ø  Only band students are permitted in the band room.  Please ask non band friends to wait outside of the room for you.

Ø  The band room must remain in order and clean at all times.

Ø  The band room office is for directors only.  You must ask permission to enter.

Ø  The band room telephone may be used only with Director's permission.

Ø  Do not enter the any of the storage rooms unless you have permission by a director.   

Ø  Be respectful. Treat others as you would like to be treated

Ø  Food, beverages and gum are not permitted in the band room at any time.

Ø  Never…ever leave your instrument unattended.

Ø  Never switch or borrow instruments/cases/ or lockers with other students.  You will be held responsible and accountable for the instrument that you are assigned.

Ø  Instrument storage rooms and lockers will be kept clean at all times. No personal non-band related items may be stored in the band room.  Items not properly stored will be discarded or donated.

Ø  Instruments and music binders will not be allowed to remain in the Band Room over night.   If you need to leave school early for any reason come by the band room first to pick up your instrument. 

Ø  Band Room stands and chairs are not to be removed from the room unless requested by the director. Do not write on or damage the chairs and stands.  Keep them looking like new.  That includes gum underneath the chairs.

Ø  No one is to use the audio/video equipment without permission. 

Ø  Cell Phones, iPods, etc. are not permitted in the rehearsal area.  Make sure they are off.

Ø  Periodic inspections will be made of school owned instruments. Each student is financially responsible for purchasing their own supplies such as: valve oil, reeds, mouthpieces, slide oil, spray water bottles (Trombones only), pencils and any other materials deemed necessary.  We will hold periodic inspections to make certain that students have all of their materials in order. 

Ø  Any damage of school property must be repaired, replaced or reimbursement made immediately.

Ø  Students will have their instrument, music, band binder and pencil during class and at all rehearsals.  Since some students have band every other day, it is of the most importance that no one forgets their instruments and supplies. 

Ø  Always write your name and number the measures on all of your music.

Ø  Students will be expected to improve his/her performance fundamentals daily.  That means that every one is required to practice at home or may practice either before or after school in the band room.  If practicing at school, students may leave instrument at school overnight.

Ø  Foul language, foul hand gestures or fighting will result in immediate dismissal from the classroom.  Student’s may be sent to the administration office with a discipline referral.


In order for teaching and learning to take place in our classroom it is imperative that all students remain attentive and focused at all times.  Therefore, students must demonstrate a positive attitude during all sectionals, rehearsals, band clinics, scheduled performances and competitions.  Classroom disruptions and inappropriate behavior demonstrate a lack of interest and respect toward peers and the directors.  Such negative behaviors will not be tolerated by any of our band staff and the parent will be immediately contacted.

If you choose to violate any of these Classroom Codes your actions will result in the following:

1.  First offense: verbal warning

2.  Second offense:  Put instrument away, contact parents and may also result in chair loss.

3.  Third offense:  Parent conference        

4.  Fourth offense: Discipline referral


It is extremely important that students bring their instrument, music and supplies every day.  If you choose to forget your instrument and or supplies your actions will result in the following:

1.  First offense:  A grade of zero will be given for that day, chair replacement, detention may be assigned and parent will be contacted.

2.  Second offense:  Same as above and parent conference will be scheduled.