4. Student Daily Responsibilities, Band Supplies, Instrument Supplies and Accessories


Ø    The beginning of class is very important.  The routine is the same every day.

Ø  The 1st thing you do in class is set-up.  This includes: instrument, music, reeds, oil valves and slides. 

Ø  Class begins when the director steps onto the podium.  Once this occurs it is expected that everyone is at rest position, eye on the director and absolutely silent.


Ø  Instrument and accessories (see lists below)

Ø  Band Binder, Pencil, Clear Protective Sheets, Music

Ø  Method book for your particular band class


(The students will be responsible for the following)

Ø  1 inch Three Ring Binder (Directors will provide each student with a binder)

Ø  Pencil

Ø  1 package Clear Protective Sheets (We sill start you of with 5 but please have more)         

Ø  1 Large Box of Tissues

Ø  Band Method Book (See Below) 

Each student is responsible for the purchase of their band method book.  Honor and Symphonic bands will use Foundations for a Superior Performance for their instrument. Concert band book will be announced at the beginning of the school year.  Beginning band will use Essential Elements Book 1 for their instrument.  Each student will receive one copy of all concert music that will be learned and performed.  If a student looses their copy, we will replace it for a fee.

(The following accessories and supplies will also be needed for your instrument)

Brass instruments                                            

1.  Valve oil or slide oil/cream                          

2.  Mouthpiece brush              

3.  Cleaning cloth                                            

4.  Flexible “snake” for cleaning the inside       

5.  Tuning slide grease                                     

6.  Tom Crown straight mute (7th and 8th grade trumpet and trombone only)

7.  B.E.R.P. (will be used daily during buzzing exercises).

Woodwind instruments

1.  Cleaning cloth or swab

2.  4 reeds in good, playable condition

3.  Reed guard

4.  Cork grease (All Clarinets and Saxophones)

Percussion Equipment                         

1.  Stick bag                                        

2.  Set of SD1 Generals snare sticks      

3.  1 pair Yarn mallets                          

4.  1 pair hard Rubber mallets               

Reeds that are recommended

Clarinet Vandoran-3 or 3 1/2

Bass Clarinet Vandoren 2 1/2 or 3

Alto Sax Vandoren 2 1/2 or 3

Tenor Sax Vandoren 2 1/2 or 3

Bari Sax La Voz 2 1/2 or 3

Percussion (Directors will not lend snare sticks and/or  mallets to students.  All Percussion students must have the required equipment every day. Not having these sticks and mallets is the same as not having an instrument and will be dealt with in the same manner. It may also affect student's grade).

Additional Supplies: Pocket size metronome, small tuner, a folding wire music stand (for home practice) and small mirror for music stand.  If you have a smart phone you can download a metronome and tuner aps.

Mouthpieces preferred: 

Clarinet:  Fobes Debut                         

Alto, Tenor Sax: Hite or Fobes Debut   

French Horn: Farkas MC or MDC         

Trumpet: Size 5C

Trombone/Baritone: Size 6 1/2 AL

Tuba: Bach 24AW or Conn 7B