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Many view band simply as an instrumental music class, but it is much more than that. It is the development of a family of friends that lasts a lifetime. It is also the establishment of some rather profound environmental influences, which will determine much of your child's success in all aspects of education, not just music. We know that band students represent the top of the academic scale in our schools. We know they average higher test scores, which indicates they are stronger in verbal and math scores than other members of the student body. We also know that most band students enjoy a successful high school career, go on to college, and become leaders in our society.

There is a definite link between the top academic achiever and the band student. They are one and the same. One of the most positive impressions you can offer your child is the chance to learn self-discipline of the highest level through participation in band. Their social skills, communication skills, self-concepts, cooperative talents and creative mind will all be nurtured through their study of music. These life-skills will serve as an important foundation as they take on various responsibilities in their future. With working closely and collaborating with the Franklin HS band directors, our goal is not only for students to have a successful middle school band experience but to continue on into the high school band and beyond. Band is an investment in your child's future.



The band program at Hornedo M.S. is divided into four levels, each one geared toward the student’s stage of development.  It is at the discretion of the band directors to place students in the band class where each child will excel and be the most successful.

The Honor Band is the top-performing band at HMS.   It is designed for the more advanced student who has demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and outstanding competency as a musician.  This band represents the school at various musical functions around our area and requires a commitment to excellence in musicianship and teamwork. Students will learn and perform a variety of music including pep-band, seasonal and holiday music, UIL-prescribed contest music as well as movie and pop music. Weekly section rehearsals are required and occasional full rehearsals outside of school will be necessary. The members of the Honor Band will participate in the following activities:  School concerts, pep rallies, recruiting trips to elementary schools, competitions, Middle School All-Region Band Auditions and the EPISD Solo/Ensemble Contest.

The Symphonic Band is open to students with at least one year of successful band experience.  The purpose of the Symphonic Band is to develop the musical fundamentals of its members in order to prepare them for more advanced ensemble experiences.  Students will participate in section rehearsals and before/after school rehearsals as necessary.  Members will participate in school concerts, competitions and will have the opportunity to participate in Middle School All-Region Band Auditions and the EPISD Solo/Ensemble Contest.

The Beginning Band is open to any student with little or no past band experience.  It is geared to start students on a band instrument and to learn basics of music.  Beginning instruments include: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone, tuba. and percussion. Students interested in percussion.  Because beginning students are divided into several classes, there will be a limited number of extra rehearsals in order to combine the classes to prepare for concerts. Attendance will be very important.  Members will have the opportunity to participate in school concerts, beginning band competitions and the EPISD Solo/Ensemble Contest.

The Jazz Band is comprised of students with at least one year of successful band experience and will be enrolled in the Jazz Band period.  Only students who are currently enrolled in Honor Band are eligible.  Students will learn jazz styles and improvisation techniques. The Jazz Band will have several performance opportunities during the year including performances at school concerts and Jazz Competitions/Festivals.