7. Eligibility, Collection of Money, Fundraising, Transportation, Parent Volunteers, Smart Music


You must maintain a 70 or better average in all classes, plus conduct grades of S (satisfactory) or better.  Texas law mandates the “No Pass, No Play” rule.  This means a grade below 70 every 9 weeks makes you ineligible for performances, contests and includes all sports.  Students must be eligible for: All-Region, all contests, and all performances outside of school.  If everyone follows these suggestions, we can minimize problems. 

1.      Do everything you can in order to learn what each teacher is presenting.  Take notes, follow along with the book, and ask questions. 

2.      DO ALL OF YOUR HOMEWORK AND HAND IT IN ON TIME.  Many students become ineligible just because they do not turn in homework or assignments.  

3.      Prepare for all tests and projects well in advance. 

4.      If you do not understand something, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Don’t wait until the last minute, if you don’t understand something, go in and see the teacher right away. 

5.      Parents please stay involved in your child’s education, check with teachers to make sure all work is being turned in.  Call the school to make an appointment to visit with your child’s teacher(s).


 Above all, turn in your work.  If you turn in your work, follow directions, and go to every class with a good attitude, most teachers are willing to give you a break if you need it.  Do yourself a favor and meet your teachers halfway. We highly recommend that all parents sign up through the school for parent portal.  It gives access to the student’s grades. 


The band only does 1 fundraiser a year.  Instead of selling items, we have gone to a donation type fundraiser.  There is no selling items or collection of money involved.  All we need are emails of family and friends who would like to make a small donation on behalf of your child.   Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used for the purchase of band equipment, bus fees, contest entry fees and music as well as other expenses which occur during the school year.  Please make a strong effort to do your part!!!!!


The only money that your child will be required to turn in may be for the following: Band shirt order, Solo and Ensemble contest fees and EPISD instrument rental. When turning in money each student is to turn it in an envelope with their name, band class, what they are turning in the money for, date and amount.  CHECK, MONEY ORDER AND EXACT CASH ACCEPTABLE.  MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO HORNDEO BAND BOOSTERS.  We will accept money at any time and it is best to bring it by the Band Room before going to your first class.  Do not turn in or leave money in the front office.  Never leave money on director’s desk or on the director’s stand. Always personally hand it to one of directors.  Please turn in exact amount, change cannot be made.  Do not allow another student to turn in money for you. 


School transportation is provided for all competitions and concert trips to the elementary schools.  Parents are asked to complete the permission form that will be sent home before each individual trip. 


Parent volunteers are a very important part of the success of the Hornedo MS Band program.  Extra adult help will be needed in the form of helping supervise students at concerts, contests and help directors with various tasks. If you would like to volunteer please email Mrs. Allen at raallen@episd.org .  ALL PARENT VOLUNTEERS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE DISTRICT EVERY YEAR.  APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE THROUGH THE EPISD WEBSITE UNDER VIPS. 


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