2. Band Uniforms, Extra Performances, Sectionals, All Region, Solo and Ensemble


The same band shirt purchased last year will be used.  If the shirt still fits, you do not need to purchase another one. All new band members must purchase the band t-shirt for $15For informal performances, the band t-shirt will be worn.  The t-shirt can also be worn as a school shirt.

During concert and contest performances, the Honor Band uniform for boys is as follows: White tuxedo shirt (full or tab collar is acceptable), solid black dress slacks, black dress shoes (no athletic shoes) and black socks. Honor band boys will be issued a black tuxedo coat with a bow tie. 

Honor Band uniform for girls is: Black dress closed toe black shoes and black hose. Honor band girls will be issued a black formal dress.  

Symphonic students will be issued the HMS band blazer.  

Beginning Band uniform for concerts and contests will wear black dress shoes with black socks, black dress pants, a white long sleeve button down dress shirt (boys) and a white long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve blouse (girls).  


Attendance is expected at all performances and scheduled rehearsals.  An excused absence from any band function must follow the same format as an excused absence from school, i.e. personal illness or a family emergency. If a student misses a rehearsal or performance written notice must be given to Mrs. Allen. An unexcused absence may result in chair reassignment, not allowed to participate in outside performance, grade lowered and/or placement in a lower band. 

In scheduling band events for this year, we have attempted to avoid as many conflicts a possible.  When dealing with a large number of students, we cannot schedule around each individual’s activities.  A calendar of events is provided in the hopes that you will be able to work around our established schedule.  Please mark your calendar now with these performance dates in order to avoid them when planning family outings or other gatherings.  Every attempt will be made to publish the calendar of events as accurately as possible.  Any changes in dates will be made known to students and posted on the website as soon as they become available.  Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated in this matter.  We suggest that you put the calendar in a place where you and your family will see and refer to it. 

VERY IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE THE PUTTING ON OR TAKING OFF OF BRACES JUST BEFORE A MAJOR PERFORMANCE OR COMPETITION!!!  It is also suggested that braces not be adjusted the week of a performance or audition, especially brass players.



Sectionals are extremely important to create an OUTSTANDING BAND.  Attendance is mandatory for all sectionals.  The Honor Band will be required to attend sectionals in the fall for All Region preparation.  In the spring both Honor and Symphonic bands will be required to attend sectionals.   A sectional schedule will be established after school starts and will only be one day each week. If a student is assigned for a morning sectional, it starts promptly at 6:45am. After school sections will start at 3:00pm and end at 3:45pm.


The Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) sponsors an audition for all eligible students in middle school band.  The All Region Band is the premier performing group for all middle school students in El Paso.  To be selected as a member of the All Region Band means you are one of the best in El Paso.  All Honor Band members are required to learn the audition music.  It is optional for all other band students.  Students who make the All Region Band are required to attend all rehearsals and concert. 


All band students will have the opportunity to participate in the EPISD Solo/Ensemble Contest.

Directors or student's Private teacher will help the students by providing a solo and/or ensemble music for them to learn and work with the student to insure success.