Click here to download a complete copy of the Band Handbook.  This includes the additional forms as well.

WELCOME to the Hornedo Middle School Tornado Band!  You will become proud members of an organization that has established a reputation of dedication, responsibility, discipline and outstanding musical accomplishments.  Concepts such as leadership, responsibility, teamwork and commitment are valuable lifetime skills that will be utilized as part of our instruction. We anxiously await to work with you and provide you with the experience of the highest level of musical excellence.


The purpose of our handbook is to provide information to establish the expectations, responsibilities, and traditions that are an integral part of our band program.  It will assist you in understanding the policies of our organization.  We hope it can be used to answer questions and define the boundaries that are important in functioning as an efficient organization.


By signing at the end of this handbook, you will be making the following commitments:


         1.      To be a member of the band for the entire school year.

2.      To give your best effort to improve as a musician.

3.      To maintain a progressive, positive attitude towards band and           school throughout the year.

4.     To follow the rules and guidelines set in this handbook.


My hope is that you have a great band experience and a wonderful school year. 



Ruth Allen and John Scanlon- Directors